Hair Planet By Davines Academy

Hair Pilanet was founded by Koçak brothers with the aim of supporting its guests not only with hair care and design, but also with the 500-year-old Turkish bath culture, spiritual purification and advanced technology in therapy massage, make-up and skin care. Hair Pilanet partners Koçak family joined our Continuing Education Center under the sponsorship of Davines group to support our students in beauty, skin care, make-up, hair design and all related subjects.

Davines Group defines itself as follows

Our belief in sustainable beauty exalts the goodness and beauty we owe this world.



Our ideal understanding of beauty is inspired by the balance between form and subject. Our style is a combination of simplicity, harmony and pleasure. While the beauty we believe in celebrates individuality, it also glorifies our differences. That’s why we describe ourselves as a tool to bring out the beauty in the people who use our products. By producing “beauty”, we lead people to take care of themselves, their environment, the place they work and their loved ones. We strive to catch up with the times by improving ourselves, but not to be a prisoner of trends.


Our ideal of beauty combines practical and sustainable resources. In our opinion, we owe sustainability to our environment, ourselves and our loved ones for every moment we live. Sustainability has several interrelated meanings: – “sustainability” means that our negative impact on the environment is minimal for us; – the efficiency of our “sustainable” high technology and artistic spirit products and the safety of our customers; – “sustainability” being free… Our decisions come from our hearts, not 100% calculations. Our pioneering spirit enables us to go beyond the trends. At Davines, all ideas are born free and then fully developed. “Sustainability” and “ethics” … Ethics, which means “home” in Latin, is therefore exactly the concept we want to have at Davines. As a family company, we want to develop our professional environment as warm, tolerant and sincere as a home. In summary, “beautiful and good” – as the old saying goes, “the inseparable unity of inner and outer beauty” is another way of saying sustainable beauty. Sustainable Beauty is also the second way of saying Davines. Our aim; I hope that we will pass these sad days as soon as possible by working together with you, our valuable assets, with the motto of “Sustainable Beauty”, which is the vision of our brand. Together with our Education team in Turkey and our International team, we will continue to work for the best in 2021 with both face-to-face and online trainings.

Ottavio Arnao Davines

International Education Coordinator