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Every month there will be 2 course training . Each is around 30 hours. We aim to finish in 4 months.

AHLEI academic program students will receive a certificate from each course they attended and also Hospitality Operations Certificate when they completed the following 9 subjects succesfully:

This program provides a concentrated introduction to hospitality basics. It gives students a solid foundation in lodging properties with a focus on rooms division, food and beverage competencies and supervisory skills. The courses are:

Hospitality Today: An Introduction – This course takes a management perspective in explaining the organization and structure of hotels, restaurants, casinos, cruise lines, and clubs. It includes information on franchising, management contracts, business ethics, human resources, marketing and much more. Charts, exhibits, hospitality industry statistics, and website listings provide useful information that can be applied on the job.

Management of Food and Beverage Operations – Get the foundation you need to make smart decisions in food and beverage operations. This course shows how to give guests the highest priority as all details of the food and beverage operation are planned, implemented, and evaluated. You’ll learn how to build business through effective marketing strategies, how to satisfy the food-quality and nutritional demands of guests, and how to increase profits by maximizing service, productivity, and technology.

Supervision in the Hospitality Industry – This course teaches the skills that can help you develop effective supervision and management skills that are essential to success in the industry. Topics include how to recruit, select, and train; increase productivity; control labor costs; communicate effectively; manage conflict and change; and use time management techniques. Resources on creating a professional development plan for your hospitality career can help you set the direction for future educational and professional endeavors.

Hotel and Restaurant Accounting – This is AHLEI’s foundational, introductory accounting course. You need no prior accounting experience to take this course. This course will help you develop a solid understanding of hotel and restaurant accounting procedures, with a focus on the computerized accounting used in today’s hospitality accounting situations. You’ll learn about taxation of business income, the role of governmental agencies, and how to read and analyze financial statements.

Managing Front Office Operations – Increase front office efficiency and help sales grow with the knowledge and skills gained from this course. Topics include revenue management and the latest technology applications. This course shows how front office activities and functions affect other departments and focuses on how to manage the front office to ensure your property’s goals are met. Case studies and real-world examples present a practical industry focus.

Managing Housekeeping Operations – No property can be profitable without clean rooms and efficient housekeeping operations. Learn what it takes to manage this important department. This course provides a thorough overview, from the big picture of hiring and retaining a quality staff, planning, and organizing, to the technical details for cleaning each area of the hotel. Practical information from industry experts makes the contents of this course immediately applicable to your job situation.

2000 USD including KDV and 850 USD books and exams including shipping and handling

Succesfull Students in Hospitality Fundamentals Program who participated the following 3 additional credits too  can have the right of receiving Hospitality Operations Certificate.

Managing Technology in the Hospitality Industry – Today’s hospitality operations rely increasingly on computer technology. This course provides a solid grounding in hospitality technology and the management of information systems. Content includes applications for all functional areas, including reservations, rooms, food and beverage, sales and event management, and accounting. You’ll learn the basics of purchasing, implementing, maintaining, and managing today’s information systems. This course also explores systems security and maintenance, e-commerce, and hospitality careers in information technology.

Hospitality Sales and Marketing – Discover how to build a top-flight sales team with creative, successful sales and marketing programs that really work. This course shows how to sell rooms and food and beverage services to business and leisure travelers, travel agents, and meeting planners. Industry professionals provide tips on marketing strategies that work, and sidebars show how concepts presented in the course are applied in today’s industry.

Security and Loss Prevention Management – Security is one of the top concerns in today’s hospitality industry. This course provides the background you need to be informed about the security issues and practices that affect your property every day. Topics include the physical security of the property, asset protection, guest protection, security equipment, emergency management and procedures, OSHA requirements, and more. Exhibits, sample forms and documents, and links to safety and security websites make this course practical and relevant. 

950 USD including KDV and 500 USD books and exams including shipping and handling

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