Project Description


For those who are just starting or new in business and want to know all the details to avoid mistakes.

Duration: 7 weeks (8-9 hours depends on subject and number of students) +7 extra meetings (3-4 hours each) like office hours to work under problems, questions and home assignment.

Course description:

  1.   Introduction to business.

1.1. How to choose a proper business idea?

Analyzing trends, competitors and market.

1.2. Product packaging and marketing, covering SMM, landing page construction and base of advertisement making

1.3. Sales. Sales funnel. Product matrix. Live scripts.

1.4. HR. How to build an effective team? Why do you need a team for successful business?

1.5. Practical finance. Forecast.

1.6. Presentation for investors and how to work with investors. Business plan preparation.

1.7. Student’s project presentation

  1.   The main objective of the course is to open a business during the training period or to improve the current business. Find an idea and analyze it. Earn first money, find a potential investor and prepare a presentation to attract him / her.

At the beginning of the course, we set a monetary goal, the student confirms it with me, if he could not reach the goal by the end of training, then we leave it for the “second year”, i.e. he re-takes the course for free, but he does not receive a certificate without achieving his monetary goal.

PRICE: 3 900 TL = 670 usd

Training format: offline

Target audience:

  1. Students
  2. Startups or who wants a business, but does not know how, cannot find an idea
  3. Who wants to move to Turkey, but does not know how and how to earn money
  4. Businessmen who already have a business and want to move Turkey
  5. Who wants to establish business with Turkey, find partnerships
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Originally from Kazakhstan (Semey)
KIMEP (Almaty) graduate
Job experience; 9 years Finance and Accounting management in international companies (6 years chief accountant)
Founder and CEO of the Innovative Finance Group
Creates its own design clothing and manufacturing line
HYPE marketing agency investor
Services: Business and all kinds of financial consultancy.
CIS, Europe, etc.
Increasing the efficiency of different departments in the RSD sector. Marketing team structuring and training for selection sales or increasing profitability, restructuring of non-profit company or division / branch.