Project Description

YouTube Workshop

General and detailed information about YouTube will be given in this workshop:

YouTube in Turkey

What you need to become YouTuber,

What to consider when uploading videos,

Two sides of Youtube (advantages and disadvantages)

What the videos need to reach more people.

Purpose of the Course:

To inform young people who want to become YouTuber, share various tips, share experience and raise awareness.

Who can attend?

It is open to the participation of people who are 13 or older who are interested in YouTube, want to be a brand, want to use YouTube more effectively and want to become a YouTuber.

Note: For beginner and intermediate level, a seminar participation certificate will be given.

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Course Fee:

150 TL per person (VAT INCLUDED) (2 courses total)

This course will be given ONLINE via ZOOM.

Account info:

Faruk Saraç Vocational School of Design

Bank / Branch: İş Bank / 1035 – LEVENT

Account No: 1375974

IBAN: TR02 0006 4000 0011 0351 3759 74

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About the YouTube Workshop

In the training we provide to inform the young people who want to become YouTuber, we take a look at YouTube strategies at a beginner level and train the future content and channel managers with a professional training.

Who is YouTuber?

It is called those who produce original content for YouTube. The moment you start filming videos for YouTube and turn it into material earnings, you’re a YouTuber. YouTubers now have the chance to earn more money than many professions. Thanks to this training, you will take a closer look at this world and you will be the YouTubers of the future.

Do you want to learn the techniques that YouTube phenomena use?

Using which methods do these channels grow so fast?

The answers to your questions are hidden in our training.

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