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Fermented Foods

In this workshop, which contains a deep conversation about fermented foods and where we describe fermentation and fermented foods, we will examine why we prefer to pickle fermented pickles and evaluate other pickling methods together. While discussing the underlying reasons for the probiotic products that attract attention every day, we will taste the delicious pickles of the Pickle Posture and practice the sample pickle institution.

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About Fermented Foods Workshop

In the workshop, he will share the intricacies of pickle making, one of the oldest food preservation methods in the world. We will set up flavor and healing fermented pickles with seasonal vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, peppers, okra and beans.

We will all experience how pleasant and easy it is to establish fermented pickles, which are the source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics and the second brain of our body, the friend of our digestive system.

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After working in the financial sector for many years, she left his job in 2013. Pınar Uslu, who lives in Bodrum, started her life as a yoga instructor and massage therapist. In this process, she moved to Istanbul with a reverse immigration. In the last three years, she has transformed its curiosity of pickling, which started as a hobby, into the Pickle Posture brand and offers it for sale in various organic food stores in Istanbul. Pınar Uslu, who is still working as a yoga instructor and massage therapist, continues to increase her curiosity towards pickles with workshops in her fermented world.