Project Description

Checkered Stories Workshop

Purpose of Education: 

While being informed about enriching the perspective of life, raising awareness, street photography and story writing, Participants firstly have an idea about the basic principles of street photography with the aim of experiencing an original methodology and how to increase the perception and expression power; they will be encouraged to be interested in and empathize with buildings, people, objects they are strangers to, and to record their moments by taking photos of them. In the next stage, they will write stories using these photos as inspiration. Tolga Gümüşay, the creator of the Checkered Stories project, will share his methodology that allows him to produce over 130 checkered stories and 3 books, and encourage them to reveal the photographer and writer within them. It will inform about the intricacies of street photography and story writing. At the end of the program, he will direct all participants to create their own checkered stories.

 Who can attend?

Everyone over the age of 16.

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What are Checkered Stories?

Can the story sprout from the photo?

Can he owe his writing spirit to a painting?

Can an emotion hidden in the back streets be compressed into a square and then deciphered by words?

As two individuals who can stand upright on their own, can photography and story create a happy union without restricting each other, but by completing and enlarging?

Does the fact that photographs and stories belong to the same subjective view make this union more special and harmonious?

Can painting act as a center to attract distracting attention?

Can modern man alienated from literature be brought closer to the world of writing with visual support?

A project that starts with these and similar questions is CHEKERED STORIES. It is a workshop that was created in order to make the daily permanent, to reach the depth in the ordinary, to feel more intense, to understand better and to dream about the life that flows all over us.

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He completed Kadıköy Anatolian High School, Istanbul University Business Administration (English) department and Marmara University Organizational Behavior Master’s programs. He has been writing since 2001. He has 11 works of novels and stories. His novel “ Nobody’s City ” was published as a documentary by Iz Tv in 2015. In 2012, he started the Kareli Stories project on the internet as a platform to democratize literature. The project was published in 3 books titled Checkered Stories, Young Checkered Stories and İstanbul Checkered Stories published in Golden Books in 2017 and 2018. During this period, he inspired the artist who produced many disciplines from painting to music, theater to poetry. Many checkered stories have been translated into Persian and Lithuanian.