Project Description

Career Coaching Certificate Program



    Definition and Philosophy of Coaching

    Introduction to Coaching tools and techniques

    Adaptation period

    Coaching Relationship, Coaching Communication

    Life Wheels Applications

    Creating the coaching agreement

    Coaching dialogues

    Follow ethical and professional standards

    Coaching practices in various clients and situation types

    Individual and organizational development theory and practices

    Coaching errors

    Coaching trials and group work


    Investigation of suitability for coaching profession,

    Effective Communication

    Active listening

    To appreciate

    Asking strong questions

    Raise awareness

    Reading the client

    Coaching and Brainstorming

    Coaching and Challenging

    Introduction to Transactional Analysis (Adult, parent and child communication models)

    Managing Conflicts

    Intuitive Leadership

    Basic Competencies of Coaching (staying in the flow, ethics, listening, asking strong questions, expressing directly, making agreements, goals and plans, trust and closeness, creating awareness, managing responsibility and development)


    What is a career?

    What are the differences in the perspective of the X, Y, Z generation to the profession?

    How to choose a profession?

    How is work life integrity?

    At what times of their lives do we need people to support on their career path?

    What is success?

    What is Emotional Intelligence?

    How can I check my excitement during the meeting?

    How can I speak more impressively?

    What is the importance of effective listening?

    How do I increase my communication skills and self-confidence?

    What are the business lines that suit me best?

    Values ​​list, Personality test, MBTI test, Representation systems test, Managing and implementing current situation analysis surveys

    To be able to analyze CV and LinkedIn profiles

    Module 4: Placement and Internalization of Coaching Competencies

    The Little Prince Model

    Using creativity and imagination ways effectively,

    Using the skills, techniques and competencies taught in the classroom,

    Brand of Coach as an Entrepreneur

    Corporate Coaching

    Personal Brand Management and Communication

    Client Finding Process

    Website and Social Media Strategies

    Duration: 4 days of classroom training.

    Certificate: At the end of the training, after the evaluation of the necessary information measurement, the participants who are entitled to receive the certificate; Career Coaching Certificate will be given by FS SEM.

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Why Career Coaching?

‘Don’t try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say.” B. Kingsolver

Career coaching is a process where you learn to establish the necessary strategy to achieve the goal you want in your business life and realize your real wishes and goals in your professional life. You can find ways to improve yourself and stimulate your potential within you, while managing conflicts and more difficult people with your new perspective. Career coaching allows you to successfully direct the strong communication and relationships you will establish in your business life.

In these 4 days, where you will have the opportunity to deeply think and understand with realistic examples from business life, you will improve your coaching skills and will go your way in determining your client’s career goals. In career coaching training, you will both learn about your own career choices and learn where to stand on the career journey of the client as a coach and in what ways you can accompany him/her.

Who is it for?

Those who believe that they are not where they want in their career.

Those who want an education that can be put into practice immediately.

Those who want to gain a perspective that will enable them to do what they love or love what they do.

Those who want to help people realize their potential.

Everyone is asking me what to do, how can I make it professional? Those who say.

In-house managers, Human Resources employees, coaches, mentors, and those interested in the coaching profession.

Those who want to internalize the difference between “coaching” and “being a coach”.

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10 years of Turkey’s leading corporations (Alarko Holding Inc, EnerjiSA) Quality, Human Resources, after working in Business Excellence and Innovation section 2014, he founded his own consulting company. Gizem Şahan, an ICF (International Coaching Federation) professional coach, provides coaching, consultancy and trainings both at home and abroad, with creative methods designed specifically for individuals and institutions. She helps people find their favorite job, think creatively, create a happier and healthier future, and realize their potential. At the same time, she received the trainings of Brain and Cognitive Science (MIT), Futurism (Kadir Has), Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Boğaziçi University), Science of Happiness (Berkeley University), Positive Psychology, Artful Thinking (Smithsonian Institution) and she come from a scientific and holistic perspective. She supports people and institutions that will create the business world.