Project Description

Compost from A to Z

Compost making, which stands out among permaculture applications, will be discussed both theoretically and practically in this workshop. In this training, which we will examine different compost methods in depth, we will first raise the question of compost. We will evaluate compost applications at Magic Seeds Permaculture Farm and prepare compost together.

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What is Compost?

It is a natural fertilizer obtained by combining almost all kinds of organic waste.

What does compost do?

It is used to enrich and regulate the structure of the soil, which will be used for compost, agriculture or flower growing. It improves soil breathability, better workability and water retention. It also ensures that the vegetable and some animal waste from the kitchen is recycled and not ‘garbage’.

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After studying economics, she worked for twenty years in the family company. At the end of this process, she changed her course and studied art and completed her master’s degree. Due to her interest in personal development, metaphysics and yoga, NLP, she has improved herself through training on art therapy and herbs. She started to cultivation by obtaining permaculture design and garden maintenance certificates. She has been working at the Magic Seeds Permaculture Farm that she has established with her family for the last eight years.