Project Description

Jiro Jewelry Art Academy Workshop – Create Your Own Style

After learning jewelry design drawing with special and practical techniques, long and short-term training programs will be organized in the Jiro workshop to teach students how to make jewel molds with  wax, also how to remove them and then turn the sculpts into metal in the Jiro workshop and place the students’ chosen precious stones in their own designs. The materials of these trainings will be covered by the Jiro academy.At the end of the training, you will be entitled to both Jiro Jewelry participation certificates and FS SEM certification.


Part 1: 3 hours – A short description of the title jewelry, the integration of the profession as art, yesterday and today in jewelry, the use and combinations of precious and semi-precious stones, how many jewelry is distributed, classical jewelry, prominent styles and jewelry today

Part 2: 4 lessons 3 hours each – Stone combinations and design jewelry design tips, model drawing by stone, giving them a theme, creating your own style

Part 3: 6 lessons 3 hours each – Creating the wax prototype of the drawn model, model path from the prototype, we will prepare the ready-made jewelry sets for casting.

Part 4: 4 lessons 3 hours each – Prepare mold for casting processes and mass production

Part 5: 6 lessons 3 hours each – Cleaning and polishing of the model after casting, coating types, valuable coatings from the mine

Part 6: 6 lessons, 3 hours each – Setting up precious and semi-precious stones

Part 7: 3 lessons 3 hours each – Description of the ready model, macro detailed photo shoots and packaging and promotion of ready jewelry

Part 8: 4 lessons, 3 hours each – Personal project

Part 9: Successful students will be able to do internships by displaying their jewels in Jiro stores.

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About the Jewelry Design

In our training that we prepared for those who want to learn all the fine details of jewelry design and develop themselves in this field; By giving detailed information about the profession, we help individuals to realize eye-catching designs by revealing their creative aspects.In our trainings where ideas turn into unique designs, you will be able to learn all the subtleties of the profession and prepare your own design collections.

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He started his art education in high school years, after 8 years of education, he reflected his knowledge on jewelery arts and established Jiro Design Jewelery workshops, the artist produces his handmade jewelery in his workshop and displays it in his stores in 5 different locations.