Project Description

Play Reading Workshop

Purpose of Education:

Reading the texts of the playwright and director Ivan Vırıpayev (Ivan Vyrypaev) translated into Turkish to the audience and sharing ideas with the audience at the end of reading.

Content of the Program: Each play text will be read by different actors. The first play we want to read is for two. A woman and a man. Play name: Oxygen

Who can attend?  Every adult can join.

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What is Play Reading?

We will analyze the selected play texts by talking about what was considered in the formation of theater works from the past to the present, the currents, periods and the processes of the playwrights. What is dramatic, epic, absurd? How is it handled in theatre plays? You are invited to our workshop where we aim to take a closer look at the theater works by examining the establishment of character creation, plot and dialogue structures.

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Completed her academic training in International Relations in Turkey
She studied at Saint Petersburg State University and Moscow. She worked on Stanislavski, M. Chekhov, Meyerhold technique in the city of Moscow. She met with Japanese Butoh master Katsura Kan in Moscow and participated in his project. In 2016-2017,she met Tetsuro Fukuhara and worked with him on Butoh technique. She took part in the performance of ‘Butoh Space’ directed by Tetsuro Fukuhara. Meryem, the play she founded in 2017 with o2 Theater
Laid-back. She played in the State Theaters. She professionally performed in many studios. Saran Studios, Image, TRT Studios are some of them. She attended the “Media Workshop” seminars of American director and television producer Carl Wiebe. (2004) At the age of 21,she was proposed to the International Mv / Doulos and Omships projects thanks to his personality analysis. (2003) With a special invitation she received, she had the chance to be on the ship with the title of “The biggest floating library in the world” and to participate in activities from 57 different countries. Kaya İlhan’s “Player’s Body” workshop at EHEM ,participated in his work. In this workshop,s he worked on body flexibility, mechanical dynamism and Feldenkrais technique. Translated texts from Russian to Turkish that have not been translated before. She played the work named ” Heroless Poetry ‘by Anna Ahmatova, one of the most important poets of the Russian Silver Age.
• She acted as a guest artist at Istanbul State Theater and Sivas State Theater.
• During the years he played in private theaters, he appeared on many cities in Anatolia.
Some Theater Plays:
Anna Ahmatova ‘Poetry Without Hero’
Tetsuro Fukuhara ‘Butoh Space’
Yunus Emre “Sivas State Theater”
Director: Nurullah Tuncer
Çiçek Prenses “Sivas State Theater”
Director: Çağman Pala
Ay Ecesi “Istanbul State Theater”
Directors: Mustafa Avkıran & Övül Avkıran
Mehtap AR Children’s Theater:
Should I say or not?
Director: Osman Gidişoğlu
In-Game Gaming
Director: Halil İbrahim Kalaycıoğlu
New Ohio Theater:
Waiting for the Promise
Director: Montana Lattin
Director: Montana Lattin
Shaman Dance Theater is among the groups he works with.
In addition, he went on the Anatolian Tour with the New Istanbul Theater with the plays “Wreth” and “Crafty Lawyer”.
Some of the translated games:
• Yevgeni Şvarts ‘Shadow’
• Ivan Vıpıpaev ‘Oxygen’, ‘Drunkards’
• Aleksandr Volodin “Five Nights”
• Anna Yablonskaya ‘Door’
The talented actress received the 2019 РКИ ‘GOLD STANDARD’ award at the festival, with participants from many countries of the world! The festival was organized in Ankara in cooperation with Rusmer, Zdesvse and Turrus.
The actress staged Russian poet Anna Ahmatova’s ‘Heroless Poetry’ in Russian last year. In the International ‘Мой поэт’ (My Poet) Festival; She read the poem by Nikolai Gumilyov about the impressions of Istanbul, Сентиментальное путешествие (Emotional Journey) in Russian.
The talented actress went to Petersburg for theater education with an invitation from the St. Petersburg State University in 2014. After completing her education, she started translating contemporary Russian play texts into Turkish. The actress also translates the plays of Ivan Vırıpayev (Ivan Vyrypaev) into Turkish.