Project Description

Resilience (Science of Wellbeing)

Duration: 4 weeks in-class and online education.

Dates: Weekend. It will be opened according to demand on weekdays.

Certificate: At the end of the training, after the evaluation of the necessary information measurement, the participants who are entitled to receive the certificate. It will be given by FS SEM.

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About the Program

Resilience (Resilience and Flexibility): Research tells us that flexibility is one of the key features of successful leaders. Endurance can help you face challenges, overcome obstacles and succeed in your role. It also helps you direct your team and business to bigger and better results. In this course, Gizem Şahan helps you develop a durable mindset, a flexible team and a flexible and changeable flexible organization against environmental conditions. Gizem’s recommendations are accessible and feasible – designed for busy leaders who need extra support to survive and thrive in tough times.

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10 years of Turkey’s leading corporations (Alarko Holding Inc, EnerjiSA) Quality, Human Resources, after working in Business Excellence and Innovation section 2014, he founded his own consulting company. Gizem Şahan, an ICF (International Coaching Federation) professional coach, provides coaching, consultancy and trainings both at home and abroad, with creative methods designed specifically for individuals and institutions. She helps people find their favorite job, think creatively, create a happier and healthier future, and realize their potential. At the same time, she received the trainings of Brain and Cognitive Science (MIT), Futurism (Kadir Has), Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Boğaziçi University), Science of Happiness (Berkeley University), Positive Psychology, Artful Thinking (Smithsonian Institution) and she come from a scientific and holistic perspective. She supports people and institutions that will create the business world.