Project Description

Food and Style Photography

Anyone who wants to take the social media (Instagram, Facebook, Blogs) food presentation, recipe sharing to the next level can attend this 5-hour workshop where they will be taught the basic principles of food and still life photography.


Equipment Used in Food Shooting (Tripod, Lenses, Reflectors, Softeners)

Light Usage

Golden ratio and the rule of thirds

Camera Settings

Food Photo Shooting Settings and Angles

Presentation in Food and Color Matching

Applied shooting

Basic editing on mobile and PC using Lightroom.

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What is Food and  Still Life Photography?

Food photography is one of the most demanding types of photography. Like painting, you start to build with a blank canvas. You build the photo  layer by layer until you reach the perfect balance of reality and art.

Styling is an English word and aims to combine different pieces independently and display integrity and harmony with each other. It is defined as a collection of inanimate objects arranged together. Photograph. Still  life and styling cannot be thought and edited independently from each other.

Just as a professional who specializes in Food Styling must have the photography information that we will call the frame and angle and direct the photographer correctly, the photographer must have the knowledge of the story that he will add to the visuals about the styling.

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After completing her MBA programs at Koç University, Business Administration and Boğaziçi University, she worked as a white-collar professional in the pharmaceutical industry for more than ten years, and since 2016 he has made a freelance transition to his hobby and passionate photography.
• 2009 Istanbul Moda Academy Fashion Photography & Styling Certificate
• 2010 Patrizia Beninca Black & Shapes Fashion Photography Workshop
• 2013 Alexander Berg Studio and Fashion Lighting Workshop • 2014 Benjamin Wong Masterclass
• 2016 Lighting for Food Photography: Beyond Natural Light by Andrew Scrivani
• 2017 Getting Started in Professional Food Photography by Steve Hansen
2019 How to Be a Commercial Photographer by Rob Grimm & Garry Martin