As a result of rapidly increasing commercial, social and cultural relations between countries with the globalization of the economy in the world, production and service enterprises have to resort to various management systems in order to stabilize their competitiveness and position in the market. As a result of the handling of business activities and business management systems in local and international dimensions, the concept of brand management has become the most popular and preferred management style. Considering this situation, businesses prefer to increase their operational advantages by working on customer-oriented strategies, product diversity, flexibility, and reaching the target audience through the right channels.

The rapid growth process in the gastronomy – industrial food and food – beverage sectors has created the need for qualified personnel for every step. In this context, institutions and organizations that provide gastronomy and food and beverage training have become an important part of training qualified personnel for the sector.

Gastro Academy of Expert Chefs serving in the sector; It is an effective organization that prepares the ground for cooperation by increasing the awareness of institutions and organizations and supplier companies at local and national level, ensures the sustainable development of gastronomy training activities, and organizes kitchen days to become the meeting point of your brand with the final consumer, which can turn into PR Support Kitchen status.

Gastro Academy is a professional organization that brings you together with the major players of the sector, beyond providing a wide ground to reach the future chefs and expert trainers in Tourism-Hotel Management / Food-Beverage Schools and departments. The rapid growth in Gastronomy – Industrial Food and Food and Beverage sectors has made cooperation and communication between companies obligatory. Organized events related to the sector prepare the ground for this cooperation, making it easier for companies to adapt to the sector.

Gastro Academy broke new ground in BURSA in order to bring together institutions and organizations providing gastronomy, industrial food and food and beverage services, companies that provide services to them, and candidates who want to receive high-level education in gastronomy and entered the sector by establishing the Gastro Academy – Education Kitchen. aimed to contribute. Gastro Academy is coordinated by an experienced team that has been serving in the gastronomy and industrial food sector for more than 25 years with hotel and restaurant equipment sales, project contracting, after-sales authorized service support network.

Gastro Academy, which hosts many local and national enterprises and companies of the sector, trainers providing gastronomy education, service providers to various institutions, universities and non-governmental organizations in its portfolio, provides the participants with the opportunity of theoretical-practical information at the professional level in the numerous trainings, events and seminars it organizes or will be. Its founders aim to convey their experiences to you on the right platform.

As Gastro Academy, we are honored and happy to meet you in our unique and magnificent structure.

Recep Hakan Ziya

Gastro Academy – Education Kitchen,

Gastro Group

Chairman of the Board

Recep Hakan Ziya
Recep Hakan ZiyaChairman of the Board
I was born in 1975 in Bursa. I am married and have 3 children. The first experiences of my life began in the Electrical Department of Bursa Industrial Vocational High School. In the 10th grade, I started my education in a business that has an authorized white goods service. After 2 years of internship, I graduated in 1992. Between 1992-2002, I worked in another company with the same profession for 10 years.
In 2002, I opened my own business in Bursa. In 2005, I signed a contract with Öztiryakiler A.Ş, one of Turkey’s leading companies in the sector, and got the Southern Marmara Region authorized technical service. Our success in service also helped me to get Öztiryakiler A.Ş South Marmara regional dealership in 2010. Thus, sales and project commitment were added to the structure of our business that we provide after-sales service.
I needed to create an area in Turkey, which would be a first in my sector, to inspect products and test equipment before purchasing them. For this purpose, we opened the doors of Gastro Academy in 2015.
We provide professional cooking, professional pastry, basic cooking, basic pastry, corporate and individual workshop services within our academy. We provide employment to the sector with the professional cookery trainings we provide. Today, the chefs we train in many restaurants and cafes are working.
We organize private corporate workshops for institutions, organizations and companies in different sectors. Within the scope of our social responsibility projects, we organize various activities for the members of many associations such as Down Syndrome, Autism, Disabled, LÖSEV, HETADER at certain periods of the year.
In addition to these, I have been the Chairman of the Board of Bursa Chamber of Coolers and Coil Winders for two terms. I continue my active duties in many non-governmental organizations. For about 8 years, we have been meeting with young people in Bursa, especially by going to conferences at vocational high schools related to our department. In the tourism and food and beverage sector, we have made and are making presentations about gastronomy and industrial kitchen equipment to over 2500 students from time to time.
Currently, we are at the service of our customers in all areas including restaurants, cafes, catering and food and beverage sectors with our store on a 1000 m2 closed area on the way to Izmir.
In Turkey; We are the only company where sales, project contracting, authorized technical service and training take place under one roof. As of 2021, we are proud to gather our Gastro Technical Service, Gastro Industrial and Gastro Academy brands under the roof of GASTRO GROUP.