is a subsidiary of the Art Incubator, McBDC partnership. runs a support program that connects emerging talents with artists who have made a name for themselves in the creative industries.

He continues to work with art tech startups to accelerate growth and enable them to develop creatively with great results.

Our Services

  • Art Collector: It aims to introduce well-known artists and talents to new collectors, and to contribute to art by giving them advice. In this way, it brings together different perspectives such as: art history, economic empirical analysis of the industry, sociological and anthropological interpretations of collectors’ behavior.

  • When Senior and Junior Meet: Juniors who meet with the masters of the subject have the chance to find both artistic and business support.

  • Kidz Love Club: Instills a love of fine arts in children and young adults and organizes developmentally appropriate workshops throughout the year.

  • Young Collectors Club: This club provides a social environment for children and young people between the ages of 7-18 who are interested in modern art and collecting, where they can participate in artistic conversations as well as education and entertainment.

  • Exhibition: It aims to exhibit the works of each artist in galleries, guides artists in the studio, organizes private meetings with individual art collectors and allows others to participate in this modern art ecosystem.


Cem Bülent Ünal
Cem Bülent ÜnalFounder
General Manager and partner; McBDC Business Development and Consulting Services Co.Ltd.

12 years of business development consulting experience.

7 years of IT consulting experience focusing on ERP, CRM, Sales Automation and supply Chain Management Practices, development of go-to-market, partnership and global sourcing strategies for various specialties and leading international organizations IT and hi-tech industry.

Founder of MC.Art.Istanbul

Mimar Sinan University, Ph.D. Thesis “Total Quality Management Approach for Urban Quality of Life”.

Master; Urban management and economy Mimar Sinan University.

Master of Finance and Accounting Marmara University.

Graduated from Faculty of Science BUSINESS Istanbul University.