Beauty and Hair Care

With the perfect training you will receive from professionals in beauty and hair care, you can have all the subtleties of the profession and give a brand new direction to your career.


Hairdressing Profession, Level 4 Vocational Qualifications Institution Exam Preparation Course

A practical preparation course for the Vocational Qualifications Institution Level 4 exam, which will be held for the first time in Turkey with the cooperation of Lonca SEM and Istanbul Chamber of Women Hairdressers and with Davines product sponsorship, begins. Prepare with the professionals of the profession for the exam, which is required to open a business and where you will have the right to directly enter the master's certificate exams.


Make-up Training

Professional make-up training, unlike classical make-up training, is a fun and interesting training that is becoming more and more popular day by day, in which special techniques are included in the training. Makeup is the art of using colored cosmetics professionally to cover up the flaws or bring out the good ones.