Project Description

Hair Design and Hair Salon Management

Training Details

Training is held In cooperation with İKKMO Istanbul Women’s Hairdressers Manicures, Chamber of Craftsmen and certificates are approved by IKKMO, our academy is sponsored by Davines and Hair Planet, participants will have the chance to learn and practice the profession and receive career support after graduation, as well as entrance training for professional qualification exams.

1- Salon Color Expertise: Take your color skills to an even higher level as Davines Master Colorist. Further training program that will make you a certified colorist. This program makes you a master in the art of hair coloring. A journey between different blocks. This will lead you to the highest recognition in your position.

Color Technology

  • Service Cycle and Standards
  • Mask
  • A New Color
  • Finest Pigment
  • View
  • Color Expertise, Blonde Basics
  • Balayage-Ombre
  • Optimal Gray Expertise
  • Color Correction
  • Color Consulting
  • Color Artist
  • Color Collections
  • Trending and Inspiring Details

Renk Sanatçısı

  • Renk Koleksiyonları
  • Trend ve İlham Verici Detaylar

2-System Hair Cutting: Become a Davines Master Stylist, reach a new level in the art of hair cutting. Creating a successful style is not just about the cut, color or styling. Rather, it is the perfect combination of three components: Cut + Color + Style

Davines Master Styling takes you step-by-step to perfection.

Basic Cutting Techniques

  • Basic Shapes
  • Haircut Basics

Modern Cutting Techniques and Contemporary Shapes

  • Creative Living Room Studies
  • Working by Outputs
  • Developing Cutting Techniques

Advanced Cutting Techniques

  • Innovative to Experienced Stylists
  • Quick and Artistic Techniques

3-Bun Tutorial: Participate in Davines bun and shaping tutorials, master the art of the bun. Don’t you want to impress your customers with creative styles?

  • Build a good foundation
  • Fixation Basics
  • Ideal Preparation of Hair
  • Basic Distinctions
  • Crepe Techniques
  • Model Creation: Hands-on studies on bun styles

4-Salon Management: This training makes you a real salon manager. The aim is to secure your job and increase economic development.

  • Build your industry knowledge.
  • Expand your business knowledge. Learn new marketing strategies.
  • Get the opportunity to develop yourself and your team.

Where Is Your Hair Salon?

  • Hall Analysis
  • Targeted Plans
  • Determining the Concept for the Hall

How Do I Develop Myself?

  • How Do I Develop My Employee?
  • Being a Team
  • Communication Techniques and Leadership
  • Increasing Sales
  • Measures for Crises

5- Social Media Photo and Video Content: Photography training will enable you to understand the basics of photography and take better pictures with whatever camera or mobile phone you have. You will master photography techniques and settings, and you will know how to take pictures according to different photo types (Portrait, Landscape, etc.). You will start taking beautiful photos and videos and editing them even with your mobile phones, which will learn to use the light correctly. This tutorial will make you stand out on social media.

  • Clarity and Depth of Field
  • Exposure
  • Light Knowledge
  • Techniques Used in Environments with Insufficient Light
  • Shooting Techniques
  • Technologies Used in Photo Editing

6-Perm Techniques: In this training, you will see temporary or permanent perm techniques.

  • Pre-Perm Steps
  • Correct Medication Use
  • Winding Techniques
  • Post Perm Care

7-Hair Extension Techniques: In this training, you will see the intricacies of hair extension techniques. You will work on different techniques by expert trainers.

  • Hair Analysis
  • Correct Hair Usage
  • Various Welding Techniques
  • Care of Welded Hair

About the Certificate

Upon completion of this training program, participants will be given a certificate approved by İKKMO and YÖK. Hair Planet By Davines certificate will be given. Business and career planning support will be provided.

Who Can Attend the Training?

Anyone who is at least a primary school graduate and has an interest in the profession can participate.

Program Details

  • Education History:  
  • Training Day: 
  • Total Training Hours: 350 hours of training, 560 hours of practice
  • Traş-ining Hour:
  • Number of Participants: 15-20 People
  • Course Fee: 7.500 TL (including VAT and materials)

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  2. Ön Kayıt sorası ödeme ve kesin kayıt işlemleri için en kısa sürede sizinle iletişime geçeceğiz.


Ceyhun Çallılar
Ceyhun ÇallılarDavines Creative Director
He was born in 1982 in Istanbul. Between 1998 and 2015, she gave seminars, shows and trainings for domestic and international cosmetic brands while she was professionally working as a hairdresser. He ended his active hairdressing career in 2015 and became the art director of Davines Turkey brand. He developed himself in collection works and continues his education in many countries of the world from Far East Asia to Europe.
Çetin Yıldız
Çetin YıldızInstructor
He was born in 1976 in Nuremberg, Germany. Between 1990-2005, she worked as a hairdresser professionally. After 2005, with the decision to continue his profession in the academic field, respectively; He worked in the professional products department of 2005-2014 Goldwell and 2014-2017 Loreal brands. He is still the color expert of Davines Turkey and the technical trainer of its products.