On personal development issues; Participants; will offer unique works that will motivate themselves (and their environment in time) both at work and in private life, and that will enable them to find solutions at their own potential. The trainings are aimed at those who manage their own business, entrepreneurs, managers who manage teams from all levels, those who want to have emotional dominance, and those who want to achieve high motivation under all conditions.

Trainings We Will Do Together:

Intrinsic Motivation Techniques

Communication Wizards

Creative Thinking Skills

Presentation Techniques and Collective Communication

Senior Managerial Competencies


V. Tolga HANCI
V. Tolga HANCIFounder and Trainer
Born in 1971 in Istanbul, Tolga has served many national and international brands in many areas from communication strategies to creative process management, from digital marketing to experience marketing throughout his 18-year advertising career. Among the brands it serves; Coca-Cola, Peugeot, P&G, Alfa Romeo/FIAT, Akbank, Anadolu Jet, Hürriyet Newspaper, Burger King can be counted.

After 4 years running his own agency, he transformed his career. In the last 10 years of his 28 years of experience in the business world, after many trainings at home and abroad;
– Focusing on executive coaching, training and communication consultancy, Tolga
– Provided nearly 2000 hours of coaching to hundreds of managers.
– Corporate trainings delivered by Tolga himself are approaching 1000 hours.

In the past 10 years as a consultant, executive coaching and corporate trainer, he also had the opportunity to work with names including Tony Robbins and Andy Harrington in the international arena. Providing consultancy, training and coaching services in a wide range from municipalities to factories, from online media to universities; He provides executive coaching in many fields, from entrepreneurs who set up their own businesses to senior managers, from corporate teams to mayors.

V. Tolga HANCI, one of the founding partners of Management Guards, prepares development programs that equip managers with managerial competencies, and contributes to businesses reaching their goals faster.