Sihirli Tohumlar is a farm project in the Küçükyoncalı village of Saray district of Tekirdağ, which was realized by the Ertem family in 2011.

The project, which started with the aim of growing organic walnuts, has changed direction over time with the expansion of the interests of individuals and the contributions of different trainings. A system based on permaculture principles is currently being created. It is a campus that was built by training experts on the basis of volunteerism of natural structures and produces its own electricity.

In 2019, corn, barley and einkorn wheat production started in addition to the production of various vegetables in the garden. In the farm where free range chickens are raised, hill trees and fruit saplings have been planted at regular intervals for two years. There are nearly 300 trees that are currently transforming into food forests. The aim of Magic Seeds is to host and feed the animals that live in the farm, the team that keeps it alive, and the visitors who come to the farm during the summer season with its own production. The products left over from the production are consumed or offered for sale through barter in the environment.


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Aylin Zeynep Ertem
Aylin Zeynep ErtemFounder and Trainer
After studying economics, he worked in the family business for twenty years. At the end of this process, he changed his way and received art education and completed his master’s degree. Due to his interest in personal development, metaphysics and yoga, he developed himself with training on NLP, art therapy and herbs. He took a step into farming by obtaining permaculture design and garden care certificates. He has been working at the Magic Seeds Permaculture Farm, which he founded with his family for the last eight years.