Final Selections for the World Hairdressers Organization Competitions at ISSB Vocational School

A cooperation protocol was signed with the Istanbul Women’s Hairdressers and Manicurists’ Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen regarding the ongoing hair design and hairdressing trainings within the Istanbul Vocational School of Health and Social Sciences and LONCA SEM, the continuing education center. In order to put this cooperation into effect, LONCA SEM Manager Yeşim Tokcan and İKKMESO President Haydar Alkoç came together at the center of the chamber.

Within the scope of this cooperation, İKKMESO will support İSSB Vocational School students, and VQA exam preparation training will be carried out jointly. IKKMESO, which will represent Turkey in the World Hairdressers Organization (OMC) competitions, will make the final selections at ISSB Vocational School. Joint trainings will be organized and put into action.

Training activities will start as of January 2022.

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