Brillare Bridal wedding dress tic. Ltd. sti. It continues as a wedding dress manufacturer for 14 years.

It is also an export company. We are expanding our growth even more with new projects during the pandemic.

While continuing the business world as an entrepreneur, e-commerce and

She also stepped into the field of education in order to announce her designs to large masses and

started training.

Natalya Nur
Natalya NurFounder and Trainer
Natalya Nur’s business life starts when she is in high school, then she continues to work in private sewing and enters fashion.
After graduating from a University abroad, he started the world of Textile and Fashion in 2002 in Istanbul. She has many pattern design sewing technical knowledge, has received many overseas education, has been giving on-line sewing lessons for 3 years and took part in domestic and international fairs as a participant. She has been practicing new practical and high quality techniques in sewing and modelist in his private workshop for 13 years.
Currently, she is actively working with several famous overseas brands with wedding dresses and ready-made clothing, and his own company brand clothing collection continues. Married , mother of 2 children